Masonry Construction

Smart Foam Insulation Masonry Foam for New Construction

  • – Used for both commercial and residential new block construction

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Smart Foam Masonry Foam Insulation is a “dry” resin
foam-in-place insulation product designed for the cores of concrete block walls.
It is competitively priced and is equal to or superior to all current
foam-in-place products specified. Core Foam Masonry Foam® is a Class 1/Class A
fire rated product and meets or exceeds all testing requirements of current
standard building codes.

Smart Foam Insulation for Masonry Foam Insulation is typically used in
commercial and institutional building new construction such as retail box
stores, schools, and churches. It is also used in residential new construction
applications such as concrete-block stucco walls, foundations, and basement

  • High R-Value – Excellent Thermal and Acoustic
    Insulative Properties
  • Safe, Inert and Environmentally Green
  • Seals Against Air Infiltration
  • Pre-Expanded

For more information and specifications on Core Foam for new blockconstruction click on the link below.


Product Information

Masonry Core Foam Material Safety Data Sheet

WYTHE Cavity Fill

LEED-Certification Sheet

STC Rating Sheet

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