UST Tank Closure and Remediation

Tank Foam UST (Underground Storage Tank) Abatement

” The most Economical and Environmentally Safest Way to Remediate  UST”

•  In-place Closing of UST • Unlike Sand or Concrete, our products are Environmentally Safe

•  Non-Corrosive to Metal  Tanks No Site Excavation Necessary

•  Safe, Inert and Environmentally GreenSeals All Voids

Tank Foam by Smart Foam is an inert, lightweight, pre-expanded foam designed for permanently closing in-place existing underground storage tanks. Tank Foam is an excellent alternative to conventional materials such as sand, gravel and concrete because it is a lightweight material that is easy and inexpensive to install.

Chemically, Tank Foam is a foamed tri-polymer, spray-dried, aminoplast resin. Since it is pre-expanded, there is no danger of doing irreparable harm from in-situ expansion of foam in the tank.

Tank foam is approved in many states such as Arizona, New Jersey, North Carolina, Idaho, and Nevada by virtue of its solid, inert composition, as verified by an independent laboratory test available upon request. A handful of states, i.e., Florida and California, list Tank Foam by name as an approved tank closure product.

The tank closure process is simple:

1. Any remaining oil and sludge are removed from the tank.

2. Tank Foam is injected through the fill pipe or a hole cut into the top of the tank.

3. Tank Foam will conform to the shape of the tank and fills all the voids and pipelines.

4. The soil over the fill pipe/access hole is replaced and the landscaping is restored.

For additional information click on links below.

UST Abatement Specifications

Material Safety Data Sheet


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